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  • For retail investor, IPOs provide a great opportunity for wealth creation as well as portfolio diversification. An IPO is a securities contract wherein a companys shares are set for sale to the public for the very first time. This move from the company transforms the status of the organization from a private firm to a publicly traded firm. For a successful investment to bear fruit it is vital to keep track of all of the upcoming IPOs and the other important aspect is to track the valuation at which its being offered.

    For a new investor, who is investing for the first time in IPO, analyzing the fundamentals of the company becomes extremely critical before investing. The primary source of data of an IPO is the red herring document which should be studied thoroughly. Investors should also seek for details about the founders, the management team, business model and general company information.

    We at AxisDirect, provide you information about forthcoming IPOs, recently listed IPOs, current IPOs and pending listing IPOs, so that you as an investor can make an informed decision while venturing on your future investments. With AxisDirect, you will find investing in IPOs simpler.

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