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  • I want my trading and demat account statements

    To place request for your Trading and Demat Statements:
    • Visit
    • Click on Support
    • Click on Request Statement

    OR Link to be provided which should redirect the customer to Request Statement page

  • What is the procedure to create username and password for my Axis Securities trading account

    You can activate your account and create username and password by following the below path
    • Click on Support
    • Click in Login Support
    • Click on Acitivate Your Account
    You can choose to activate the online trading account using your Axis Bank debit card or a One Time Password (OTP)

  • How can I check the IPO application status?

    You can view the IPO application status by following the below path -Login to>>Click on Go to Swift Trade>>Click on Order Book>> Primary Markets>>Order Book

  • How can I check my order status for the trades placed?

    You can view the status of your orders by following the path  - Login to www.电竞娱乐平台 .in ( Select Take me to Trading option from dropdown) >> Click on Trade >> Order Status 

  • What is the minimum brokerage charged by AxisDirect?

    The minimum brokerage charged for all orders in Equity Segment except Equity SIP orders will be Rs 25/- per order for Resident Indian clients, HUFs, Corporates etc. In Equity SIP the minimum brokerage charges will be Rs 20 per order. However the brokerage charged will not exceed 2.5% of the transaction value and Rs 0.25 per share in case of securities quoting below Rs 10. 

  • How can I view my current brokerage plan ?

    You can view your current brokerage plan by following the path:

    Post Login>View Edit Profile > My Subscription >

  • When will the realized profits / losses get credited / debited to/from my Savings account?

    Realized profit, in case of square off will get credited to the linked savings bank account on 'T+2' from the date of square off. Realized loss, in case of square off will get debited from the linked savings bank account on 'T' day i.e. on the date of square off.

  • I want to transfer funds from trading account to my savings account

    In general, the unutilized amounts are automatically released by the end of the day.
    However to transfer the funds from your trading account to savings account:
    • Login to our website www.电竞娱乐平台 .in .
    • Click on 'Limits'.
    • Select 'Cash Limit' option.
    • In 'Funds Hold and Release’ option enter the amount in the 'Amount' column and click on 'Release'.
    Please Note: The funds would be released subject to T day fund obligation if any.

  • How to check the details of credit and debit of amount in my trading account

    To view the details of 'debit and credit" in your trading account refer the Financial Ledger:
    • Login to www.电竞娱乐平台 .in
    • Click on 'Trade' option available on the left hand corner
    • Click on 'Reports for ledger'
    • In 'Ledger' click on 'Financial ledger'

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